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Few of Our Service Attributes

Business Modeling

We develop the entire business model for your business from research, concept development to strategy formulation. It gives a macro level structure of what the business is and how it shall function

Business Strategies

We design and implement various strategies for your business. Financial Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Hiring Strategy, Competition Strategy, Marketing Strategy etc.

Financial Modeling

We develop an entire financial model for your business which includes planning finances of your business in such a way that they achieve the financial objectives

Manpower Management

This is one of the most critical and the most volatile factor of the hospitality industry. We have enough resource pool and our team is capable in retention strategies and developing talent

Project Feasibility Assessment

We help you decide whether to take up a project. Whether it is financially and operationally viable. Whether it is worth the risk. This includes financial projections, Breakeven Analysis, ROI calculations, Payback Period, Impact Analysis and much more

Concept Development

We help you develop a concept for your restaurant, hotel or a cafe. This entails all the infrastructure, operations, product and strategy shall be critically designed around the concept

Kitchen Designing

Our experts possess in-depth experience and technical expertise in designing your kitchens which can run smoothly and can handle large number of orders with a low kitchen preparation time with hygiene and safety protocols followed

Interior Designing

We have a network of interior designers who are aces in what they do. Space optimisation, functionality, best interior designing that your guests and your employees would enjoy and cherish.

Branding & Marketing

We undertake branding of your business from brand creation to marketing the brand. Logo Designing, Website Development, Packaging Design, Social Media Marketing, Advertisements, Public Relations, etc. We handle market launch of your brand and make it grow thereafter.


Automations are the need of the hour. We help you automise your kitchen processes, financial process, employee related processes to enhance process efficiencies.

Menu Engineering

We help you design your restaurant’s menu based on product costing, operational advantages, sales potential and high margins

Financial Management

We plan your business finances and monitor them very closely on a day to day basis. We monitor stock consumption patterns, control on wastages, undertake banking, publish monthly financial reviews of your business with various parameters / KPI’s to help decision making.

Food & Beverages Controlling

This is a critical part of any restaurant to control food & beverages costs. We help you plan and control these costs. Mapping it with sales to bring out variances in actual consumption and expected consumption according to recipe and portions.

Swiggy Zomato Optimisation

Earning from Swiggy / Zomato needs an articulated strategy. When we say earnings, we mean profit margins. Our team has in-dept expertise in managing the online platforms.

Supply Chain Optimisation

We setup and manage the entire supply chain for your business. We align various vendors who go through a rigorous on-boarding process. We design and manage all factors, resources, systems that gets your product to your customers,

Process Designing & SOPs

We design, implement and control processes which ensure minimum variations, high efficiency and smooth operations. We train & develop your resources who form a critical part of this process.

Procurement & Materials Management

We manage the procurement process such that the inventory is adequately maintained. We handle interdepartmental transfer / procurement and systematic storage of inventory

Our Hospitality Offerings

End to End Restaurant Management

We manage your Restaurant for you. Our team and industry professionals work together on all fronts to get the best out of the business for you.

Asset Management

We manage your Hotel in its entirety. From Strategy to Operations and Back Office functions. Our ultimate goal is increasing the value of your Asset with utmost governance and generating returns for your investment.

Restaurant Turnaround Consulting

We help restaurant owners who are facing various challenges and are not able to grow or survival seems difficult. Our team works closely with you to bring about a turnaround in your business with our extensive industry experience.

Food & Beverages Controlling

F&B Controlling is most relevant than ever and a must for every restaurant in the current market scenario with high input costs exerting tremendous pressure on the bottomline. Connect with us to understand how vital it is and how it does wonders.

Operations Management

Our Team manages day to day operations of your restaurant professionally. Be it Kitchen operations or Service Area operations or Manpower Management, we ensure that your customers have an amazing experience.

Finance & Marketing (Hospitality)

For Restaurant owners who face challenges of Financial Management, Accounting, Data Collection & Analysis, Taxation, Labour Laws and Marketing their Restaurant, We offer a one stop solution for Finance and Marketing.

These services are also of a great value for investors who are not involved in the daily operations of the business but can keep themselves appraised of the overall performance of the restaurant.