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What we help you with ?

Lowest Interest Rates

We negotiate interest rates with banks and financial institutions so the cost of funds is lowest for your business.

Maximum Funding

Various lending institutions have their lending criterion. We ensure your business fits the one which gets maximum funding.

CMA Data

Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) data is critical to get finance from any lending institution. We ensure your business’s data is accurately computed and presented.

Presentation to Banks & Financial Institutions

We make presentations to various lending institutions about the funding requirements of your business and present CMA and other financial data to the bank.

Choosing the Right Product

We help you choose the right financial product with the right lender based on your requirement. Be it a working capital requirement, Long Term loan or Project Financing. Funding can be sourced using a mix of multiple products or avenues to satisfy your business requirement at a low cost.


We help you compile all the necessary documentations required to seek funding. We work closely with you and your team to compile the documents.

Financing Solutions

Working Capital Finance

Every business has its input costs like raw material purchases, labour costs, overheads, administration costs, selling and distribution costs. The credit period which a business gets to pay these costs against what it extends to its clients creates a temporary demand for finance. Working Capital Finance addresses this temporary requirement.

Project Financing

If your business is into creation of Real Estate or Manufacturing or Hospitality Sector, your next project or a plant or a Hotel or a Restaurant will require funding. We help you with preparation of a detailed Project Report and CMA data which is presented to the bankers and financial institutions to get maximum funds.

Long Term Finance

If you are setting up a large factory which produces on a large scale or you have taken up a big realty project of a housing complex or commercial complex or you are setting up offices / restaurants / hotels across locations, you will have to go for long term financing. We help you get the right financer and the funding product to meet your requirements.