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We are management consultants and work with Entrepreneurs,Companies, Firms, Start-Ups and MSMEs to help them strategise, transform their businesses, manage their finances, develop & enhance efficiencies, mitigate various risks and make them future ready.

What does Refitus bring to your business ?

Improved Margins

The bottom line is the “Bottom Line”. Our ultimate service objective for any service we provide is to improve the profit margins and the growth prospects for your business

The Next Level

We help you shift gears in your business methodically while managing the change in internal and external factors that affect your business

Domain Expertise

A team of professionals who possess in-depth domain knowledge and decades of industry specific experience and insights that enables us to provide effective and timely solutions


Our team and associates are well versed with collecting, assimilating analysing and presenting actionable data to make informed business decisions

Partners Network

With Refitus, your business gets access to a network of our partners across business functions, who can be roped in to solve industry specific complex issues or overcome hurdles quickly

Customised Solutions

Every business is different and the factors, people and the environment they operate in are different. We provide customised solutions to make a maximum impact


We Standardise your business and its functions, processes and policies such that they work for the business like a well oiled machine but remain agile enough to overcome a situation or mitigate a risk

Effective Implementation

Once we have an apt strategy / policy / process designed for your business, we move swiftly towards executing it in a scientific manner to achieve the desired outcome within the timeframe

Our Services

We offer an array of services that equip your business to grow methodically.

CFO Services

Corporate CFO | Hospitality CFO | Start-Up CFO| More..

Hotels and Restaurants Management

End to End Restaurant Mgmt. |Asset Mgmt. |Restaurant Turnaround Consulting | More….

Corporate & Personal Finance

Working Capital Finance | Long Term Finance | Project Finance

New Business & Startup Advisory

We provide an end to end solution for New Business and Startups

Business Transformation and Efficiency Consulting

Business Transformation | Efficiency Audit| Efficiency Consulting| More…

Business Function Outsourcing

Finance & Accounts | Human Resources Mgmt. | Selective Outsourcing

Service Snippets

CFO Services

Our CFOs help you navigate your business in the right direction avoiding various pitfalls along the way. We focus not only on financial aspects but also on strategy and processes which directly impact the finances of your business. Refitus CFOs work closely with the Directors / Partners and your various teams to make a maximum impact on your business

Business Transformation & Efficiency Consulting

We help business do a 360 degree transformation in the way they currently operate right from Business Strategies, Organisational Structuring to Process Designs and Operations which immensely impacts profit margins, growth prospects and efficiencies.

Hotels & Restaurants Consulting

We provide end to end consulting for managing Hotels & Restaurants. We help our clients to grow and improve profit margins while overcoming any challenges they face. We also help investors and willing hoteliers who hail from other industries to safeguard their investment in the Hospitality Industry by mentoring them and handling day to day operations for them.

Business Function Outsourcing

Support Functions such as Finance & Accounts, Human Resources Management and Office Administration though not related directly to revenue generating activities, impact the organisation significantly but they do eat up significant amount of Time & Energy of the Founders, MDs and CEOs. We manage these business functions for you and provide you with all critical and necessary insights that require your attention, intervention and action so that you can focus more on core business activities and still control the support functions.

Corporate Financing

We help business obtain financing for their short term and long term goals. We choose the best financing product various banking and non banking institutions have to offer which has low interest rates, provides maximum funding, and is hassle free to maintain.

Our Clients

Our Team

Our Core team comprises of professionals from various industries with decades of experience.

Raj Deshpande


Rashmi Parab

Senior Partner | People Management, Business Transformation & Efficiency

CA Jagdish Parmar

Senior Consultant | Direct & Indirect Taxes

Harish Shetty

Senior Partner | Hospitality

Nayanesh Hajirnis

Senior Partner | Corporate Finance

Sachin Sapte

Senior Consultant | Labour Laws

Sadanand Shetty

Senior Partner | Hospitality

Deepak Singh

Senior Partner | Corporate Finance

Shruti Singh

Senior Consultant | Marketing & PR


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Information Technology & Software Development

Hotels, Food & Beverages


Real Estate

Interior Designing


Banking & Insurance

Many More

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