CFO Services

Success of a business hinges on how it manages its finances. It is imperative that the financial objectives are scientifically set, with resources and business processes aligned towards the achievement of such objectives and a mechanism is in place to measure, report & evaluate the performance at regular intervals to make informed decisions and steer clear of any hurdles.

A CFO ensures that the business steadily cruises even in turbulent times by mitigating risks while maintaining accuracy, timeliness, accountability, continuous improvement in its financial performance, complying to various laws, rules and standards set by various regulators, working with the board & the management team and managing the finance team with focus on;   

  • Financial Planning
  • Policy & Processes
  • Budgeting
  • Value Chain
  • Planning business expansions
  • Cost Optimization & Pricing Strategies
  • Debt Management
  • Working Capital Management
    • Debtors & Vendor Management
    • Inventory Management
  • Investments
  • Cash Management
  • Project Feasibility Assessments & performance evaluations
  • Internal Controls
  • Monthly Financial MIS with Variance Analysis
  • Monthly Business Reviews
  • Daily / Weekly Reports
  • Accounting
  • Quarterly Financials (Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flow & Segment Reporting) 
  • Taxation (Income Tax & GST)
    • Computation
    • Payment
    • Returns
  • Managing Internal, Tax & Statutory Audits

A full time CFO is required for a business with turnover exceeding INR 500 Crores and having group companies with varied business models. Our shared CFO services are cost effective with finesse that will bring you closer to your vision and achieve it with ease.       

Start-up CFO


A start-up succeeds when it has got the perfect business model and its finances are managed professionally. Many start-ups who had their eureka moment and had successful funding rounds have gone down in flames as their finances were mismanaged. It is critical that the financial architecture of the start-up is designed and managed in such a way that it reaches the IPO stage and continues working towards its vision. Our Start-up CFO services are designed to do just that. 

We focus on the following;

  • Business Modelling
  • Financial Modelling and Valuations
  • Preparing the start-up for funding rounds
  • Designing & Implementing requisite processes
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Cash Flow Management & Working Capital Management
  • Accounting & Quarterly Financials
  • Monthly Financial MIS & Reviews
  • Internal Controls
  • Taxation
  • Team building

Turnaround Consulting

Companies who consistently struggle in a market where its peers outperform both in terms of profitability and liquidity will sooner or later be wound-up or get absorbed by its competitors. We are passionate about bringing about a turnaround in a troubled business and helping out such companies and its stakeholders from a nightmare and engineer appropriate controls and warning systems to never let them face similar situation again. 

We follow a six step process which is designed to bail out a troubled company from a certain death and transform it into a well-oiled machine for which profitability and liquidity can be achieved with ease and the focus shifts to diversification.

Process Consulting

Processes are the arteries of your business. Well-designed & aptly managed process does wonders to your company. Business processes are majorly interdependent and hence it is of utmost importance that they are robust and are in sync with each other. A faulty process causes a snowballing effect and will cost you time, money and result in wastage of resources which getting dearer by the day. Our professionals design, implement & control processes or re-engineer the current ones enabling your business to avoid bottlenecks thereby increasing the efficiency levels and brings you closer in achieving the desired bottom-line.

Internal / Management Audit

Internal / Management audit is an effective tool available for organisations in today’s competitive business environment. It provides an assurance to the management whether its policies and processes have helped contributed to the desired outcome. Our methodical audit of financial statements & each and every process provides a comprehensive review and helps the organisation identify improvement areas.

HR Consulting

Human resources are the pillars of any organisation. Managing these resources is a challenge. HRM involves a range of processes and sub-processes including talent acquisition, policy designing, career planning, succession planning, rightsizing, change management, performance evaluation, payroll, labour laws compliance, retention, employee relations, grievance redressal, the functioning of several committees & resource separations to name a few. Our team of professionals and associates will guide you to manage your workforce such that the HR objectives are achieved seamlessly.

Accounting & Taxation

Accounting & Taxation is a critical process in the finance function as accounting deals with providing the actual performance of the company to internal & external stakeholders who draw up conclusions based on the financial statements and taxation deals with tax laws every organisation needs to comply. Our team of accountants prepares the financial data & statements with utmost accuracy and on a timely basis while complying to the accounting principles and standards in force. Income tax and GST compliance with respect to computation & filing of returns is also undertaken in a hassle free manner.

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